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Joanna Cosmetics Laboratory

Hall: 6 Stand: A37
  • Beautyworld 2019
  • Dubai
  • 15.04-17.04 2019

JOANNA Cosmetics Laboratory is a dynamically developing Polish company which has been specializing in production of high quality cosmetics from more than 36 years. We operate in a constantly growing segments of hair and body cosmetics and professional products. JOANNA is a leader of depilatories and hair colorants sales on Polish market. We constantly improve our formulas and expand the range of new products in accordance with market trends.

Our product groups

  • Cosmetics & Skincare
  • Cosmetics
  • Lashes
  • Henna
  • Hair, Nails & Salon Supplies
  • Hair Hairstyling
  • Hair Colorants
  • Waxing Treatment + Products
  • Depilatory Wax
  • Personal Care & Hygiene
  • Waxing Treatment + Products

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Cosmetics & Skincare, Cosmetics, Lashes, Henna, Hair, Nails & Salon Supplies, Hair Hairstyling, Hair Colorants, Waxing Treatment + Products, Depilatory Wax, ersonal Care & Hygiene, Waxing Treatment + Products

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Company address
Joanna Cosmetics Laboratory
Gen. J. Zajaczka Str 11/C2
01-510 Warsaw

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Our products

  • Ultraplex Color

    Ultraplex Color is an innovative color cream which joins permanent hair coloring with the ...modest technology of rebuilding and hair regeneration. Two simple steps that will give your hair a new intense color and a healthy look. The line consist of 12 colours.

  • Cannabis Seed

    Moisturizing - strengthening line of products with hemp seed extract is recommended for de...licate and sensitized hair. The formulas of the cosmetics have been developed for their active ingredients to work in synergy, enhancing the beneficial effect of the product on the hair.

  • Naturia Family Hair Care

    Naturia Family is a line of hair shampoos in the new, family capacity – 750 ml. Variants o...f shampoos providing optimal care for the most popular types of hair. Crystal clear shampoos are enriched with natural extracts and ensure that hair of your all family will shine with natural beauty.

  • Styling effect fluorescent line

    The well-known Styling Effect line has been extended with new hair styling products. The f...luorescent line includes 7 modern styling products with a colorful, eye-catching graphic design. The series is dedicated to younger, more demanding customers who go for what’s new and innovative, and who aren’t afraid of bold styles. Funky, extreme hairstyles, only with the fluorescent line!

  • Botanicals for Home Spa

    Botanicals for Home Spa is a series of products for comprehensive body care with selected ...plant extracts that have a beneficial effect on the skin. The series consists of three fragrance lines, each with a different active ingredient: black rose, oat milk and hemp. Each line provides comprehensive body care, offering: shower gel, peeling, body balm and hand cream.

  • Multilashes

    Eyelash stimulating serum was carefully designed to strengthen, lengthen and thicken your ...lashes. It is especially recommended for those with weak, short or damaged lashes. The serum contains innovate active ingredients that significantly improve the condition and appearance of lashes. The first results can be observed after just 3 weeks of regular use. After 6-months of treatment, your lashes achieve a new look – longer, thicker and full of life.

  • ULTRAPLEX line

    Ultraplex is an innovative hair regeneration system developed to care for hair during home... lightening and coloring treatments. This breakthrough product restores the disulfide bonds within the hair which are responsible for strength and resilience, allowing the hair to be kept in much better condition.

  • Sensual hair removal

    Sensual is a comprehensive line offering not only hair removal, but also offering customer...s added value – skin care to mitigate the possible irritation caused by the hair removal process. The product range includes increasingly popular depilatory strips which ensure lasting smooth skin, creams for painlessly removing unwanted hair, and convenient shaving gel for women. Here, ladies can also find other products for the hair removal process, including after wax oil and lotion.

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