Exhibitors competition Stand Out.

Effective brand presentation is important now more than ever.

Conscious communication of company competences and standing out through strengths are crucial practices for exhibitors participating in fair events.

PL Catalog – Exhibitors From Poland  supports exhibitors by StandOUT. – a contest in which are selected fair booths with outsianding architecture and design standards of exhibition sector. The purpose of StandOUT. is to promote Polish companies, which stand out during the biggest fair events in Europe and all over the world, by presenting their brands outstandingly.

Thanks to StandOUT. participating in fair event is not a one-time visit at he booth anymore. It is a possibility to return to the brand and products offer many times again.

The main purpose of StandOUT. is to promote brands and exhibitors for a long time after the fair event. Spreading this idea is an important element which contributes directly to brand building process and Polish branches promotion.

StandOUT. is realized by Exspace.pl portal since 2012. Because the contest is carried online, the voters represent many different branches, far beyond the subject of the particular exhibition profile. There were over 120.000 votes given since the contest was first announced.

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