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Hall: 8 Stand: B331
  • Middle East Design & Hospitality Week 2019
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 17.09-19.09 2019

We create furniture. Objects. Tangible signs in space. We do this by putting our knowledge, talent, passion, and craftsmanship to work. We believe that it is possible to break free from the ‘whatever works’ approach, impermanence, and insularity through contact with intelligently-designed items, created with great attention to detail and using state-of-the-art technology.

“Art everywhere” is the core philosophy of the design avant-garde. We follow this concept as a manufacturer of office chairs. We reject imitation, regression, and outdated forms. We strive for a refined future, built upon a foundation of solid workmanship.



furniture, swivel chair, contemporary table, acoustic pods, acoustic wall, acoustic box, acoustic office pods

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  • VANK_V6

    VANK_V6 swivel chair is a sum of years of experience of the VANK design team - and a real ...proof that Poland is ready and well able to handle technically challenging projects. Designed as the driving force of work, VANK_V6 offers intuitive mechanics to address many different needs. The form of the chair screams modernity. Its aesthetics is a strong reference to the distinctive styling of sports cars. The shared features include dynamic lines and emphasized aluminium elements. A perforated mesh backrest with a geometrical pattern imparts a sense of lightness to the chair. VANK_V6 is to act as an illustration of the force and thrill we experience behind the wheel of a fast and reliable car.


    WANK_WALL is a movable wall designed in response to the need for synergy between personal ...working space and ecology. Its sound-absorbing properties let the user concentrate on the tasks at hand. Its daring uneven form stimulates creative thinking. The product is offered as a single-piece, double-piece, or a tabletop option, as well as a ‘box’ and ‘phonebox’ solution. VANK_WALL was awarded with an international design prize of iF Design Award 2016.


    VANK_WALL VANK_WALL acoustic pods, thanks to special structural solutions and the applica...tion of sound-absorbing materials, offer efficient soundproofing. They may serve different purposes: acting as phone booths or places to relax and gather one’s thoughts, as briefing rooms for small teams, and, finally, as video conference rooms. VANK_WALL pods are available as options for 1, 2/3, 4, and 6. Even the basic option comes with a range of features that ensure comfort and convenience: a LED lighting system, a ventilation system, and a media port adapted to the user’s needs. Pods for 1 person are equipped with a laptop shelf, and the largest option offers enough space for a table and a set of chairs. The body of the pod is upholstered with sound-absorbing fabrics, just like the floor covering. Additional soundproofing is ensured by the employment of high quality glass. VANK_WALL pods come in many combinations: with one or two glass walls, with the body upholstered on one side or two sides.


    VANK_WALL2 is another series of acoustic office pods. The original diamond pattern found o...n the inside has been replaced with a soft, wave-like form of acoustic panels. The new aesthetics was inspired by the phenomenon of two opposing sound waves meeting head-on, becoming both ‘cancelled’ as a result. The series includes the following options: a phone booth for 1 and acoustic pods for 2, 4, and 6. The products are upholstered with the sound-absorbing Sonus fabric. The basic features of the pods include: a quiet mechanical ventilation system, a high-quality natural LED lighting system suitable for office work, and a connection panel. Additional features include e.g. a mono/stereo sound system connectable to mobile devices (via Bluetooth).


    VANK_MOVE is a contemporary table with a feature of electric height adjustment of the tabl...etop, ready to follow your moves throughout the day. The table makes a well-matched pair with its user, adapting itself fully to the needs of the latter. It is an answer to the trend and demand for “sit/stand” workstations. The design was awarded with an international prize of iF Design Award 2016. Architectural photography Anna B Gregorczyk


    VANK_SITI is a series of poufs and tables, designed to offer a ‘soft’ filling to areas whe...re less-formal meetings and trainings take place. VANK_SITI is surely an eye- and attention-catcher. The rich palette of available colours makes this unusual piece of furniture a clear ‘territory marker’ becoming a trademark of any environment it is placed in. A pair of clips hidden in the side pockets makes connecting separate poufs in an easy and quick way, which lets you create diverse and flexible arrangements. An enhanced pocket on the side gives you some additional place to store e.g. newspapers and magazines – a highly useful feature for waiting rooms, clubs, lobbies, and other meeting areas.


    A booth and a chair, whose aesthetic comfort is an outcome of soft lines, sound-absorbing ...materials, and highest-quality fabrics from the Synergy range, available in 75 colours. The daring selection of colours and the underlined functionality make VANK_MELLO deserve the name of a new office figure. The booth version will prove useful for phone conversations or meetings in smaller groups, but may also act as a relaxation zone.


    VANK_WOODI is both a contrast and a symbiosis of traditional materials and a futuristic fo...rm. You can choose different frames, types of plywood finish, select from various kinds of upholstery, and pick diverse colours for other elements, which makes the chair easy to adapt to both traditional, organic interiors, as well as to more sharp-shaped, pop-art environments.

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