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Polska Agencja Inwestycji i Handlu S.A.

Hall: 4.1 Stand: E097
  • imm cologne 2019 LivingKitchen 2019
  • Cologne, Germany
  • 14.01-20.01 2019

Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) works to increase the inflow of investments to Poland and the outflow of Polish FDI. It also does it best to intensify the Polish exports. Supporting entrepreneurs, the Agency assists in overcoming administrative and legal procedures related to specific projects as well as helps to develop legal solutions, find a suitable location, reliable partners and suppliers.

The Agency implements pro-export projects such as the Polish Tech Bridges dedicated to expansion of innovative Small and Medium-Sized enterprises. It also promotes the leading Polish sectors regarding foreign expansion and offers support for Polish companies on the developing markets within Go China, Go Africa, Go Arctic, Go India, Go ASEAN and Go Iran programmes. PAIH is also responsible for the promotion of Poland at the incoming Universal Exposition EXPO Dubai 2020.

To offer in direct assistance for business on the site, in 2017, PAIH has established a system of international support all over the world. The PAIH Foreign Trade Offices of PAIH comprise a global, constantly expanding network of the Agency’s divisions responsible for providing support for Polish exporters and investors who look for new opportunities overseas. PAIH Foreign Trade Offices are focused on distant markets of rapid growth that represent the greatest potential for Polish companies. The offices have also been designed to attract foreign investors and assist them on their way to set business in Poland.


The Polish Investment and Trade Agency was rebranded from the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) in 2017. The Agency predecessor was established on 24th June 2003, after a merger of the State Foreign Investment Agency (PAIZ) and the Polish Information Agency (PAI). The Agency in its activities makes use of its predecessors’ “inheritance”.



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Press releases

Polish furniture conquers the world

Polish furniture conquers the world

Furniture production is a strongly developing industry in the Polish economy of global importance and high growth potential. Poland belongs not only to European but also world leaders in the production and export of furniture.

In 2017, over 1,100 new entities related to furniture production were registered in Poland. This makes us the second largest market in the European Union. We have overtaken countries such as Spain, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Currently, around 120,000 companies from this industry are registered in the whole EU (of which over 27,000 entities are located in Poland).



It is estimated that the value of sold production of Polish furniture in 2018 will amount to PLN 49 billion (an increase of approximately PLN 2.7 billion compared to the previous year). Forecasts for the coming years are also optimistic. It is assumed that already in 2019, the sold production of the Polish furniture industry will exceed PLN 50 billion.

Furniture manufacturers are very important for the entire Polish economy. In terms of net exports, we are ranked second, right after manufacturers of parts and accessories for motor vehicles.

Polish companies have a very wide range of products. They produce furniture for various market segments, both for the rich and for the less affluent.

Poland in the lead of the world’s largest furniture exporters

In 2017, Poland was promoted to third place among the world’s largest furniture exporters. The first of these was China, with a result of 50.1 billion Euro. The second place was taken by Germany (EUR 11.0 billion). The third place is occupied by Poland with the result of 9.8 billion Euro, and the fourth place Italy (9.6 billion Euro).



Over 90% of the sold production of the Polish furniture industry is for export, and about 87% goes to European markets. It is estimated that in 2018, the value of exports of Polish furniture will amount to approximately PLN 47 billion. Most of the furniture will be sold by Polish producers to Germany (around 36% of total exports), the Czech Republic (around 8%) and the United Kingdom (6%). Polish furniture manufacturers also have clients outside the European Union in such countries as the USA, Russia and China.



The export products are dominated by upholstered furniture and furniture elements. In 2018, we expect that the share of only these two product groups in the entire structure of exports of Polish furniture will be over 52%.



The furniture industry is one of the largest employers in Poland

The entire furniture industry employs almost 180,000 people, and large and medium furniture companies create jobs for around 130,000 people.

The Polish furniture sector is supported by the government

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency is implementing a promotion program for the furniture industry, whose aim is to promote the Polish economy based on Polish product brands falling within the scope of the National Intelligent Specialization. Activities implemented as part of the task focus on the promotion of the entire furniture industry.


(TOP) The Polish booth presenting the „Designed in Poland” at the IMM COLOGNE 2019 can be found in Hall 4.1, stand no. E097


(BOTTOM) The Polish booth presenting the national furniture sector at the IMM COLOGNE 2019 can be found in Hall 5.1, stand no. A-033



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