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MK Business Link LLC

Hall: SS Stand: 3A71
  • Middle East Design & Hospitality Week 2019
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 17.09-19.09 2019

MK Business Link is a strategic advisory company supporting business relations between Europe and the Middle East. Using our deep knowledge of European and GCC cultures, understanding the business environment of both regions, using the consultancy & legal & tax & diplomacy & entrepreneurship experience of both parts of the world, we constitute the platform for European companies looking for the business opportunities in the GCC as well as for GCC companies looking for the business with or in Europe (mainly Poland).

We have completed numerous projects in the field of strategic consulting, implementation of business models, business development, for European and Middle East focused on business expansion form the Middle East to Europe and from Europe to the Middle East.

With our support You:
• learn the potential of your company to cooperate with Europe (mainly Poland)/ Middle East
• precisely plan your expansion strategy
• receive reliable and verified information about the market supported by practice
• get information about the real costs of the local market
• select the right business partners in a shorter time
• very fast check the credibility of potential business partners
• get knowledge about effective promotional activities tailored to local circumstances
• prepare for trade talks in a manner suited to local standards (including in terms of competitive advantages, pricing policy, marketing materials)
• carry out business talks efficiently
• get comfort and safety both in business and in local topography
• not make “newcomer” mistakes
• make financially effective decisions.



Crystal & glassware, Cutlery & crockery, Dinnerwar,e Porcelain & ceramics, Table ware & accessories

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MK Business Link Sp z o.o.
ul. Braci Wagow 20/136
02-791 Warsaw


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