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Hall: 8.0 Stand: J68
  • ISH 2019
  • Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • 11.03-15.03 2019

KAISAI EUROPE, which belongs to KLIMA-THERM Capital Group, is the exclusive importer of the devices. The company offers private label products from the HVACR sector, which are addressed to both business and individual clients. KLIMA-THERM is the exclusive distributor of KAISAI products.

Our services

The KAISAI range comprises innovative and reliable products which guarantee comfort of use and meet all expectations related to the specific nature of the HVACR market. KAISAI solutions are addressed to both business clients and end-users.The KAISAI product range consists of devices from the RAC sector (including wall mounted air conditioning units fitted with a Wi-Fi module as standard) and the CAC sector (including Multi Split, cassette, duct, as well as floor and ceiling air conditioners), in addition to portable air conditioners, heat pumps and air curtains

Our product groups

  • Split-, multisplit units
  • Mobile room air conditioners




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Our products

  • KAISAI PLATINUM air curtains

    The newest and elegant KAISAI PLATINUM NEW air curtaincan be installed at a maximum height... of 4m above the floor level. The unit is equipped with a DC motor and an adjustable air flow. Air curtains are available in 3 different sizes, with or without a heater.

  • KAISAI SILVER air curtains

    KAISAI Silver air curtains are effective devices at a competitive price. The curtains crea...te an adequate air flow stopping the flow of cold or warm air flow to the inside, while creating a barrier for unwanted dust, smoke and insects. The devices can be mounted up to 3 meters above the floor. We offer 3 types of Silver air curtains in the following widths: 100cm, 150cm and 200cm.

  • KAISAI GOLD air curtains

    KAISAI GOLD air curtains are quiet and reliable devices creating a strong air flow restric...ting the inflow of cold or warm air to the inside, while creating a barrier for unwanted dust, smoke and insects.

  • KAISAI KHP heat pump KHP

    The KAISAI heat pump is an energy-saving, air to water type device intended to create usab...le hot water. The device features a modern and intuitive controller, with an antifreeze function, solving the problem of icing and frost. Due to the use of a stainless steel tray and magnesium anode, this unit is extremely resistant to corrosion. The heated water temperature reaches a maximum of 70°C, ideal for even the most demanding customers, allowing the use of the pump in various location


    Multifunctional air-water split heat pump enables heating, cooling and supplying domestic ...hot water (DHW) at a wide range of outside temperatures. KAISAI ECO HOME pump has a esthetic design and is energy-efficient. The device is equipped with an inverter compressor and electric heaters supporting its operation at a low outdoor temperature. The heat pump consists of indoor and outdoor unit and is equipped with a multifunctional controller

  • KAISAI floor/ceiling air conditioning units (KUE)

    KAISAI floor/ceiling air conditioning units stand out with a highly adaptable construction... which can be installed both near the floor and under a ceiling. Due to this flexibility they are suitable for rooms of all shapes and functionalities. They are also a perfect choice for rooms without suspended ceilings. The 3D air circulation achieved by automatic directional control of the louvers ensures and optimal air circulation and temperature in the room. Our range also includes wall mounted units which we often recommend to our clients.

  • Portable KAISAI air conditioner (KPC)

    The portable KAISAI air conditioner with 2.64 kW power is a mobile solution for rooms with... small heat loads. Ideal solution especially when there is a need to change the location of the air conditioner or when a stationery unit cannot be used. Elegant device with cooling, drying and evaporation of condensate functions, has a timer, autorestart and remote controller.

  • Portable KAISAI units (KPPD)

    The portable KAISAI air conditioning unit with 3.5 kW power and built-in heat pump is an i...deal solution for rooms with small or medium heat loads, especially when there is a need to change the location of the air conditioner or when a stationery unit cannot be used. This functional device with automatic louver operation and evaporation of condensate, has a timer, remote controller, as well as drying and heating functions.

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