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ENSOL Energetyka Solarna

Hall: 11.0 Stand: D 81
  • ISH 2019
  • Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • 11.03-15.03 2019

Over thirty years’ experience in the installation and solar industry, large production potential as well as human and technical resources, but also deep concern for the environment and con­stantly rising energy prices inspired us in 2006 to start production of solar devices.

Since the very beginning the activity of ENSOL has been oriented towards manufacturing of flat solar collectors, assembly sets as well as towards completing and selling solar fixtures and complete solar systems.

Our design and engineering facilities have enabled us to work out and implement our own solutions in several types of collectors diverse in respect of surface and hydraulic solutions. On the basis of a uniform supporting structure we have created the whole range of collectors characterized by their innovative solutions and high quality as regards their aesthetic qualities and operational efficiency. We are still designing and building another prototypes with innovative solutions.

Another part of our activity is the production of pump groups and systems, as well as hydraulic equipment. Our offer includes more than a dozen types of groups for solar installations as well as pump groups and entire hydraulic modules for central heating installations. The range of our products is constantly expanding – gaining wide recognition on the installation market.

All our products undergo testing and certification carried out by recognized world renowned research and certifying agencies, namely TUV Rheinland and DIN Certco, and they successfully pass all quality tests. The international quality label „Solar Keymark” on most of our products constitutes an undeniable proof of that.

High quality of products, as the main objective of our activity, is not necessarily the cheapest solution at the investment stage. However, in an over twenty- year perspective of a collector’s lifespan it shall bring measurable financial results. We have deliberately and intentionally chosen the most restrictive and reputable research centers, which in every respect confirm our products’ quality in the eyes of our current and potential customers.

When you purchase our products you can be sure of making the right decision.



hydraulic distributor, solar station, solar collector, hybrid, pump group

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    EM2V/2,0 Al - Cu – flat solar collector with meander absorber, made of copper and alumini...um designed for vertical mounting. Collector’s housing construction is based on a rigid frame bent from a special aluminium profile patented by ENSOL company. At the bottom the housing is closed with an aluminium sheet, whereas the cover is made of special, high-transmission solar glass. The manner of fixing the glass ensures tightness of housing and minimizes thermal tensions. The main part of the collector is an absorber, the plate of which is made of aluminium sheet covered with a high selective eta plus coat in order to ensure a high level of solar radiation absorption, which results in obtaining high efficiency of the energy conversion process. The absorber’s plate is connected by means of laser welding with the copper tubes system, in which the medium circulates. Heat losses were minimized by application of lower and lateral insulation made of mineral wool of low heat conduction. Specially designed assembly sets made of stainless steel are used for trouble-free and secure mounting of collectors to roof constructions with different angles inclination. Flat collectors with prismatic glass have certificate of compatibility with norm DIN EN ISO 9806:2014-03 conducted by TUV Rheinland Immissionsschutz und Energiesysteme GmbH and Solar Keymark certificate.


    Collector E-PVT 2,0 v2-320W is a combination of a flat solar collector and a photovoltaic ...module with polycrystalline silicon cells with a power of 320W. By using a bionic exchanger, the waste heat is used for initial domestic hot water (DHW) heating, as well as for supporting a swimming pool installation and heating pumps. Whereas the photovoltaic module converts the solar energy into electricity. The temperature rise of each photovoltaic module reduces its generated electrical power. The power drops by about 0,5% for each kelvin temperature rise. The power characteristics given for PV cells in technical data refer to the module’s standard temperatures, namely 25 Celsius degrees. Therefore, in working conditions with high insolation the actual power of a standard module can be even 20% lower. By installing a thermal system in a hybrid PV-T collector, heat is received through a cooling liquid flowing through the collector. Through heat dissipation, the thermal system increases its’ efficiency of converting solar radiation into electricity, and also supplies a large amount of thermal energy. The hybrid collector E-PVT 2,0 is a technological progress in increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic modules while converting solar energy into thermal and electric energy. Advantages of a hybrid collector E-PVT 2,0 with a bionic absorber, which is the second generation of a hybrid collector and a technological progress: - Higher annual efficiency of electrical energy production, in comparison to standard photovoltaic modules, - The possibility of using the thermal part of the collector for an initial domestic hot water (DHW) heating, as well as for supporting a swimming pool installation and heating pumps, - Roof area saving and a significantly reduced mounting costs, - Two in one! One device ensures production of electricity and heat, - Lower investment cost for installations using PV-T collectors than for traditional devices (liquid thermal collectors and photovoltaic modules)


    A solar station is a device providing and regulating circulation of solar liquid (mixture ...of propylene glycol) between solar collectors and a tank. It consists of a circulation pump and regulating - measuring devices. It can be used for an installation with flat solar collectors, as well as vacuum collectors. An advantage of a double solar station is the possibility of controlling the temperature of the heating medium of the solar system on supply and return.


    A distributor integrated with a hydraulic clutch is designed for central heating installat...ion up to 60 kW. It is used to facilitate assembly of mixing and pumping groups. It allows to use a much smaller number of fittings and pipes necessary to execute circuits of installation devices. In addition, the device includes an integrated hydraulic clutch that performs the following functions: separating the primary circuit from the heating circuit, eliminating the necessity to balance the boiler and heating circuits and maintaining independent streams in boiler circuit and heating circuits. A set includes handles, screws, expansion bolts and washers for mounting on the wall.


    Hydraulic modules that can manage up to three heating zones with the possibility to use t...hermostatic valves and 3-way valves. Possible installation: flush-mounted and surface-mounted. Each pump group consists of a housing (450 x 500 x 160 mm), a hydraulic separator (integrated distributor with a hydraulic clutch) and a hydraulic unit. The components of the ENSOZONE group: circulation pump, zone supply valve (depends on model), zone return valve (depend on model), distributor integrated with hydraulic separator-including insulation, heat generator supply valve, heat generator return valve, automatic air vent, electrical box with full wiring of devices, steel sheet casing (powder coated), degree of protection IPX20. Equipment depending on the model: zone thermostatic valve, zone 3-way valve with NVC3 motor

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