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Hall: 11.2 Stand: A051 B050
  • ORGATEC 2018
  • Cologne, Germany
  • 23.10-27.10 2018

Balma SA Furniture Factory by 40 years of experience on the Polish market has become an unquestionable leader.

Combining top-quality design with the achievements of modern science offers comprehensive solutions for offices large and small.

Productivity, efficiency, innovation – all this you will find in a wide range of Balma office furniture.



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BALMA S.A. Fabryka Mebli
uL. Poznanska 167
62-080 Tarnowo Podgorne

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Our products

  • Balma STEPPS

    The Balma STEPPS system makes it possible to create communication routes and to establish ...visibly distinctive zones of work, relaxation and fun. The constructed modules allow to build wall, corner or free-standing, accessed from both sides, shelving units. The stable and solid structure is guaranteed by metal ladders, which are connected by means of shelves. The large diversity of the elements of Balma STEPPS system has resulted in creating a product that can fulfil various individual needs. The standard heights ranging from 1 to 7OH, three shelf widths, cabinets, boxes and sliding doors will enable to create and adjust the modules to the aesthetic, functional and spatial needs.

  • Balma PLUS

    Balma PLUS is a completely flexible system allowing it to be used to develop solutions for... even the most advanced working practices. Each layout can easily be redesigned or adjusted to the specific dynamic needs within your company, so it is not only the original design that is important for us. Also the level of acoustic comfort, the potential for information exchange, the preservation of optimum privacy and the ergonomics have importance. We have a system for every office, in every sector. One of them is yours.


    The original and sophisticated aesthetics of the Simplic range combined with the variety o...f multifunctional applications together with a wide range of finishes allow the furniture to be used in numerous interior solutionsallows the furniture to be used in a wide range of interior solutions.

  • H2

    The unusual shape of H2 tables breaks the office convention. They attract attention with t...he dainty, graphic form of the base. Minimalism is universal. The tables fill up and complement spaces with any aesthetic qualities, from modern to classic interiors. They easily match practically every type of seat. Despite their optical delicacy, the design of the tables retains the required rigidity, even with the application of tops of considerable sizes.


    Simple and distinctive form of OSTIN office furniture is inspired by the geometry of the c...ontemporary modernistic architecture. The furniture is designed for demanding customers with an established taste, aware of their needs and high expectations. It complements and supplements the user's personality. Its refinement, functionality and aesthetics give the office space some extraordinary quality. OSTIN furniture fills the office space with creative energy, stimulates users to face challenges, inspires them to take bold, dynamic decisions, and opens up broader horizons. The furniture ensures comfort, satisfaction and the sense of luxury.

  • Mixt

    Extremely different arrangements can be achieved by using the same furniture in different ...options. The customer himself can determine the function of the room, its character, style, atmosphere, nobility... All the colours of materials have been chosen to mach. The result is a possibility of unlimited experimenting with composing furniture pieces.


    The most conspicuous feature of the counters, making them unique among the broad offer of ...the competition, is the lowered front in the standard version, showing the receptionist’s face, thus facilitating interpersonal contact. Such a form of the furniture communicates openness, integrity and hospitality of the company. This idea is reflected not only in dimensions but also in aesthetic appearance and functionality of the furniture. Free of redundant decorations and refined in their well thought-over proportions, the Furonto counters are characterised by a structure simplified to the maximum − they are made up of a top combined with a side wall.


    The system of TRESTA reception counters consists of modules which are either straight or a...ngular, tall or short. The sides of the counters can be adjusted to particular needs thanks to a broad spectrum of options: the sides can be either wide or narrow, tall or short. The top and sides are made of lightweight boards that come in two universal colours: white and grey. The fronts of the counters can be made from a variety of materials like: basic melamine board or natural veneer, matt and high-shine lacquered surfaces or ultimately, various kinds of laminated surfaces in many intriguing colours with a high shine. As a result of having connected different colours or even different technologies on the fronts of the reception counters, every piece of furniture does look unique. The fact that TRESTA counters are delivered disassembled is an important advantage since we are able to reduce the costs of transport then and we make it easier to carry the furniture even to the areas or rooms to which the access in case of furniture delivered in one piece would be difficult.

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Press releases

Think Pro MAG: Stand up and ... you’ll be fine!

If you work sitting at a desk in one of several thousands of offices in Poland and you realise you lead a sedentary lifestyle – it’s HIGH TIME you started moving. The health risks related to the lack of physical activity at work are much more serious than you could possibly imagine. So, all you need to do is to leave them behind you!

It’s not our intention to make you resign from your present job. But we wish to encourage you to change your attitude and to work out a habit you’ll benefit from. It doesn’t require much sacrifice, and it will actually make a big difference…

Since school times we have been instructed about maintaining the correct posture while sitting. With the proper posture you can avoid back problems or back pain in the future. We have been told that the height of the chair should be adjusted to the height of the table/desk , the back needs a support and the feet need to be positioned in the right way, the middle of the computer monitor should be placed at eye level, and the computer keyboard should be positioned at the right angle.

Well, so much for the theory – everyone can see how it works in real life…

It turns out that the spine problems are not the only drawback. Lack of physical activity slows down metabolism and results in the deposition of fatty tissue, which in turn may lead to cardiovascular disease, and sometimes even to cancer. Obesity is often accompanied with diabetes, with many serious complications following. Our body, even if seated in the most comfortable armchair is prone to vascular diseases, including limb varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Sitting for long periods of time may also cause (because of involuntary muscle tension) breathing problems or growing headaches. Lack of moving could also cause digestive problems.

What to do then? How to avoid those health risks? The answer is really simple. It’s enough to … stand up. The regularly changed work position (from sitting to standing) together with the right seat position and non-strenuous stretches can get your body into the moving routine and can also regenerate your organism effectively.

Designers of modern office furniture have already come up with some interesting solutions, including office desks and conference tables with the variable height of their tops. You can work in a sitting position and then you can lift those tables or desks to the position enabling the work in a standing position. Nowadays, in modern companies business meetings with no chairs or armchairs, run at a high table have become quite an ordinary thing.

It has been calculated that we should spend ¼ of working day in a standing position. It means that every 45 minutes we should be standing for 15 minutes. It’s true that on hectic days it’s hard to control those time intervals, but furniture designers have already taken that into consideration. Special applications have been created for desktops which can be lifted. These applications not only control the change to the position of the desktop, but they also monitor the time the users spend in one position and tell them when to stand up and when to sit down. The inquisitive users can even check their statistics…

Download desk control application for iOS

Download desk control application for Android


It’s worth mentioning that periodically changed position (from the sitting position to the standing one) can, on the one hand, improve blood circulation, reduce back pain, loosen up tight muscles and facilitate joint regeneration. On the other hand, that change has a beneficial effect on concentration and work performance, too.

The periodically changed work position is something employers should pay attention to if they look for ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their employees. By making employees stand up serious health risks can be eliminated.

Think Pro MAG: Carrots from the office? Why not?

Please take a close look at the title. As you can see, we didn’t write ”in the office”, but we actually wrote “from the office.” We did that on purpose as we wanted to emphasise the originality of that unique idea. Workplaces which used to be dehumanised and looked very much the same, being, as a result, tiring to work in are becoming much more friendly thanks to micro and mini allotments producing organic food.

It all started with a trend called “urban farming” which meant utilising tiny bits of free space in the city and transforming them into small herbaria, vegetable gardens or mini fruit orchards.
In every single one of us there has always been this strong need to live in a place surrounded by green areas (although nowadays in big cities there are fewer and fewer of these). And then, in many of us there is this subconscious, genetically conditioned attachment to agriculture. These two qualities have been greatly affected by the disillusionment with conventionally grown food products as well as a growing awareness among people.

And so urban gardens started emerging. They were not the familiar employees’ garden plots known to us for dozens of years or private vegetable stands located in the suburbs. In the contemporary urban farming the social aspect plays the key role. Gardens are not only places where fruit or vegetables  can be obtained from by the residents who just care about saving money. The role of those gardens is to integrate local communities around a commonly shared concept of creating and maintaining ”good environment.” The gardens have also become a way of life.
Another step to take was to adapt the idea of joint ecological farming in a workplace. No wonder  – we spend 1/3 of our life at work and that can be quite strenuous for our bodies. Office farming is to create a positive atmosphere, promote effective regeneration and, obviously, provide healthy food.

A perfect example of that will be an office building of Pasona – a Japanese recruitment company. It’s pretty impressive to see this large building with so many green spaces, which are integrated into its external and internal architecture in a variety of ways. One can say that this office building has become an ultra modern farm making use of the most advanced farming technologies. And this is not only about the shrubs, fruit trees or vegetables grown on the roof or balconies of the building. The green spaces have taken up to 1/5 of the whole usable area of the building. And since this is Japan it’s not surprising that there is a special computer system installed to monitor and maintain the right humidity, temperature or light.
The office garden reciprocates the care and attention by delivering fantastic products right into the office canteen. It also produces lots of good air. The greenery incorporated into the elevation of the building and covering its roof significantly contributes to a satisfactory energy balance. The plants are taken care of by the office employees, who treat their gardening duties as a way to rest from a typical office job.

The idea of office farming has already started being thoroughly analysed. Researchers point to the positive impact of green spaces on the mental well-being of intensely working specialists. Studies show that an office farm/garden can stimulate physical activity, which in turn will improve the physical condition. Fresh fruit and vegetables have a beneficial influence upon the diet of those who eat meals in a company canteen, reducing the risk of civilisation diseases. Concluding, there are enormous advantages resulting from office farming..
That’s why, office farming has become one of the latest trends, bringing tangible results not only in exotic Japan, but also in the offices of such giants like Google, Hewlett-Packard or SAS.

Learn more about urban farming and office farming from:

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